Pasticceria (pastry shop) Bellunese

Piazza delle Erbe, 22 - Belluno


0437 - 943954


The Pasticceria Bellunese was founded in 1947 and is one of the oldest yet most renewed in Belluno. In 1973 Giacomo Deon took over the property and management, transforming it, thanks to the passion for his work, in a reference point for many city inhabitants.

In 1995 Giacomo was joined in the business by his son Damiano who, following the example of his father, tries to improve the business day by day, in order to satisfy his customers as much as possible.

The continual search for carefully chosen ingredients and raw materials is the strength of the high quality of the products of the Deon family, which has as its motto: "attention to detail in the end always makes the difference".

The Deon family’s product selection ranges from traditional to savoury pastry, from classic cakes to creamy desserts, up to semifreddo (ice cream cake) and the newborn but already famous Kodinza, a typical pie from Belluno, created by Giacomo and three other local pastry chefs, made with the exclusive ingredients of the Valbelluna,.

Very high quality of raw materials, seasonality of products and constant research on new techniques in the pastry sector, are the distinctive features of the Pasticceria Bellunese.

The Deon family produces pastry at a high level. It is not easy to make good pastry nowadays, and do it really well. It takes passion, dedication, love for their work and a lot of experience. Damiano continuously searches for up to date combinations of flavours and colours, by following the path already beaten by his father Giacomo, who has always put great passion into his work and supreme enthusiasm in teaching his son what for them is not a job anymore, it is a lifestyle!