GAGGION pastry shop

 Viale Alpago, 129 - Bastia di Puso d’Alpago (BL)


0437 4211


Gaggion is an historical pastry shop in Puos d'Alpago; ever since its establishment it has been dedicated to the quality of its products and to the selection of the ingredients used. It offers a wide variety of pastries ranging from breakfast brioches to wedding cakes. Over the years the pastry shop has also become a chocolate and coffee shop.

In April 1968 the parents of the current owner Cristiano, Bertillo Gaggion and Lucia Trevisiol, left the pastry shop in Jesolo where they worked, in order to open their own activity in the Alpago valley, in the town of Bastia. They began making exclusively pastries; their shop was then transferred to the current location, that includes the coffee and the pastry shop. In 1979 Bertillo Gaggion became well known nationally after winning the Oscar of Italian Pastry in Rome.

Since 1990, after the untimely decease of Bertillo, his son Cristiano has been continuing his father's passion for pastry. He put aside his diploma in accounting, and attended specialization courses at the Etoile Institute of Culinary Arts (Istituto Superiore di arti culinarie Etoile) in Venice as well as in Paris for making chocolate sculptures with the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) Jean François Castagné.

Cristiano Gaggion, together with some competitive friends, formed a team that has participated in international cuisine and pastry competitions, achieving important victories and special distinctions.

Cristiano's skills have been confirmed in other competitions in which he participated individually. In addition, he was part of the Confartigianato working group at the European Parliament in Brussels for the promotion of typical Venetian products.


The Gaggion pastry shop produces a wide range of products daily, ranging from breakfast with sweet and savoury croissants, Krapfen (a typical Austrian-German doughnut), plum-cakes and traditional pastry, either in large or small format. Dry pastry and take away cakes and pies like Sachertorte, almond, ricotta, lemon and fruit cakes, semifreddo (Italian soft ice-cream), mousse, Bavarian creams, plated desserts (all using traditional methods) and monumental cakes for special occasions are also created.