La Bottega del Borgo (The Village Shop)

Via Borgo Bassano, 99

Cittadella (PD)


+39 049 9403749


La Bottega del Borgo (The Village Shop) is a historic shop in Borgo Bassano, opened in the mid-twentieth century. Located just outside the historic center, it offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a wide choice of high quality products such as bread and pastry, all leavened with starter sourdoughs, and selected local and national delicacies. You may find, in fact, essential products such as pasta or rice from Riserva San Massimo or Villa Tacchi, or the artisan vinegar Acetaia San Giacomo, or even the beers of Via dei Birrai 32, or fresh products ranging from local cheese to the local cold cuts such as salame or Soprèssa DOP (protected denomination of origin) as well as many other fine foods.