Taverna degli Artisti (The Artists' Tavern)

Via Mura Rotta, 9

Cittadella (PD)


+39 049 9402317


The restaurant

In a restaurant without feeling like you’re in a restaurant. This is the fascinating philosophy of the Taverna degli Artisti (The Artists' Tavern), that expresses its 'instinctive choices' both in the interior decoration and in the relationship with the clientele. You will be involved in this amazing energy as soon as you enter the restaurant and will be accompanied by it for your entire stay. At the table you will fully perceive the agreement between food and visual art. For the chef a dish becomes the canvas of the painter, as the ingredients become his colours, worked in simplicity and prepared to make the most of their potential. The use of always fresh seasonal products and the pursuit of quality from small-scale productions are the essential features of the Taverna degli Artisti.

The Artists' shop (Negozietto degli Artisti)

The famous French gastronome Brillat Savarin once said that no dish will ever be better than the worst of its ingredients. That is why in the preparation of a dish even the last of the ingredients plays a vital role in the final quality of the food. In the small shop inside the Taverna degli Artisti you can now buy many of the ingredients, all of the highest quality, which are used every day by Roger in the preparation of his dishes: special pasta, rice, olive oil, wine, and much more. On the shelves you can also find many products made directly by the Taverna degli Artisti such as the unmissable Latte di Gallina (egg nog), jams, mostarda (candied fruit and mustard syrup), vegetables preserved in oil and the crunchy giardiniera (mix of pickled vegetables).