via Cornuda, 72 Maser (TV)


0039 347 662 8260


5inque is a winery founded by 5 friends, united by their passion for their vines and the production of wine, as well as by their love for the territory in which they work, Maser, at the foot of Asolo Hills.

Their mission is precisely to promote the richness of this land and the product that best characterizes it: the wine of the DOC area Montello and Asolo Hills.

The quality of their product is created meticulously through an artisan process, in which the vineyards are selected and grown naturally, pruning is cared by expert hands, the grape-harvest is done by hand and the vinification is followed closely by all the founders, who approve the wine’s taste, colour and aroma.

The main production is Prosecco, in all its variants, from Brut DOCG, to Extra Dry Asolo DOCG and Frizzante (sparkling) DOC. The limited production comes exclusively from grapes grown in the vineyards owned in the hills of Maser. It has received high ratings from experts of the wine sector.

Guided tours and tasting events in the winery and the vineyard can be organized by appointment only (any day of the week, maximum 12 people). A wine shop is present. English speaking staff.