Villa of Maser

Via Barbaro, 4 – 31010 Maser (TV)


+ 39 0 423 923004


Villa of Maser is the sole among the villas of Andrea Palladio that has been maintained the function of organizational hub in a generous countryside as it was originally conceived. The production includes great wines from the DOC area Montello and Asolo Hills, olive oil, vegetables and fruits, including the famous cherry of Maser. Built between 1550 and 1560 for the Barbaro brothers, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Stunning in its picturesque setting, at the foot of the green hills of Maser, its access begins through a beautiful linden tree lined road. The manor house and outbuildings (barchesse) form a compact unit that emphasizes the close relationship between architecture and agriculture, between art and landscape, between place of leisure and centre of production.

The villa is beautifully decorated inside, with one of Paolo Veronese’s most extraordinary fresco cycles of the Venetian sixteenth century. Sculptures were made by Alessandro Vittoria, who also designed the Nymphaeum. An interesting collection of historical carriages is another reason to visit, as well as the nineteenth-century wine cellar of the Villa and the small Temple that interprets the architectural model of the Pantheon.