Angelo Dalla Venezia

San Polo 2204
+39 041 721659

In 1959 Angelo Dalla Venezia began his business with a wood lathe and some tools, a gift from his previous employer, master Vincenzo Vio, who confided to his family the joy of seeing in him a great future turner.

With the advent of the industry, as made to order work declined, Dalla Venezia began to create some decorative items, always continuing to produce those of strict utility.

Today he produces balls of various types of wood and measures, eggs, spinning tops, flower pots, bowls, geometric shapes, some fruits, napkin rings, rough or polished mounts for balls and eggs of different shapes and heights, pencil holders, key holders, bobbins for lace pillow (tombolo, a typical Venetian lace making technique), knobs of various shapes for furniture and pendulum clocks.

All of Dalla Venezia’s work (given a sample or drawing) is made on the manual lathe.