Atelier Flavia

Corte de la Spechiera, Castello 6010, Venezia
+39 041 5287429

The Atelier Flavia, created by Flavia Zorzo, was opened in 1980 in the heart of Venice. Here, in addition to the famous masks of the Commedia dell'Arte, all handmade in papier-mâché according to the ancient traditions of the Venetian mascareri, you can find new masks trimmed with feathers, lace and Murano pearls, combined with the gorgeous costumes made by hand for the Carnival of Venice or for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and masquerade balls.

Each costume (available in different sizes for men, women and children) faithfully reproduces the style of the historical period it represents (1500, 1700, 1800), in the colours, fabrics, decorations and accessories.

Atelier Flavia has also created a showcase on eBay to create and deliver its costumes around the world, adapting them to the logistic and cultural needs of the clientele.

All costumes are the result of a rigorous historical research and attention to detail; they are all sewn, processed and packaged by hand in the Atelier. Many of these dresses recall the flourishing periods of the Venice Republic and they were given the names of Venetian nobles.