Gruppo Fallani

salizada Sceriman (Gesuiti),
Cannaregio 4875, Venezia


+39 041 8124043 - +39 041 5235772



In Cannaregio you’ll find the artistic silk-screen printing laboratory FallaniVenezia. In 1968 Fiorenzo Fallani began his experience with this printing technique, arrived from the United States, at its first appearance in Italy.

In 1970 Fallani was called by the XXXV Biennale of Art in Venice to work on the screen printing workshop set up at the Italian Pavilion in the Giardini, in which he worked with artists from all over the world. There he met William Weege, an American artist who stopped in Venice for over a year, in Fallani’s laboratory. His friendship will mark him deeply, both in terms of human and professional experience.

Since then, in the workshop run by his son Gianpaolo, dozens of international artists have passed, from well-known names to promising young artists. They all find a place where to experiment with new ways of graphics, always supported by Gianpaolo, worthy heir of his father Fiorenzo, an interpreter always proactive and innovative to deal with, but always respectful of the roles and identities of each other.

The artistic activity of the laboratory was always accompanied by the commercial activity of the company, which, starting from the zincography and photolithography created by Fiorenzo Fallani, then evolved with the input of his sons and with the advent of digital technology: that’s what the Gruppo Fallani is today.

Gruppo Fallani stands today as a large business that operates in the cultural field, specialized in the construction of stands and display cases for museums, art galleries and picture-galleries. Thanks to the experience gained in recent years in the art world, the company is now able to respond in a precise and professional way to the needs of museum conservation and exhibition. The tradition of craftsmanship and love for the arts yield the sensitivity needed to carry out technologically advanced equipment for exhibitions, with special attention to construction quality, design and finishing.

The Fallani group is now renewing its laboratory in Venice in order to have greater visibility to the public and to the city by offering a range of products and initiatives to raise awareness of Fallani’s screen printing and bring new artists to this printing technique.