I Vetri d’Arte (Artistic Glass) by Vittorio Costantini

Calle del Fumo, Cannaregio 5311, Venezia


+39 041 5222265




The workshop was opened in 1974 by Vittorio Costantini. In 1991 it became a family business, with the participation of his wife, joined for a few years by their son Davide. The policy of Vittorio and his wife has always aimed at raising awareness of the "lampworking" technique worldwide, by participating in cultural exhibitions in Europe, the USA, Japan and at international conferences on glass. With the experience gained in various furnaces during the 60s and early 70s, Vittorio is able to create very unique and difficult objects, by using the special skills he has refined over the years.

As a child, Vittorio had always been fascinated by nature: that's why his creations are replicas of butterflies, flowers, insects, birds, fish, shells, etc.. The type of glass uses is called "soft" glass, its name suggesting how much manual skill and mastery are needed, an expertise that can be acquired only through years of experience.