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Gold and silver. Through the alchemy of art these noble metals take on a new identity in the creative space established in 1994 by Marco Venier and Davide Visentin. Here materials are selected and combined in search of a different aesthetic concept: ancient seals and geometric shapes, blown glass and diamonds, ebony, amber and turquoise, black coral and fossil agate, join a dialogue that intertwines ages and cultures. They create an exciting journey toward a new harmony in contemporary jewellery.

Ancient. Ancient techniques and materials trace the history of jewellery. Sasanian carnelians, Middle East seals, ancient coins in bronze, silver, brass and copper are embedded on models that are combined and respect the historical period to which they belong.

Geometric and flexible lines wrap around themselves or embrace large stones: corals, turquoises, pearls, tourmalines, agates and different kinds of precious wood.

Inlays. A passionate research of materials and colour combinations can be found in the jewels that make up this collection. All entirely made using inlay and mosaic techniques.

Blown glass beads, composed of several layers of colour and silver leaf, are cut, flattened and tempered to compose linear jewels in which great attention is paid to the beautiful surfaces that recount the wonders of this Murano art.