Pasticceria Italo Didovich

Campo S. Marina, Castello 5908, Venezia
+39 041 5230017

For forty years Italo and Laura Didovich have been running this strictly artisan pastry shop. Here you can enjoy traditional Venetian and Austro-Hungarian sweets: fragrant breakfast pastries (croissants and various viennoiseries), fresh or tea pastries, the famous mille-feuille, lemon pies and meringue pies.


The bar and café service is carried out both at the counter and in the comfortable dining room, as well as in the small terrace, which overlooks the square.

The offer is various: savoury quiches with vegetables, delicious small bread or puff pastry pizzas, typical tramezzini (cold sandwiches) that accompany the traditional Venetian aperitif cocktail, the Spritz. Those who wish can have an English breakfast with bacon and eggs, while at lunch time the small kitchen offers a menu of simple and familiar tastes: gnocchi alla romana (semolina dumplings), lasagne, gnocchi di patate (potato dumplings), meatballs and fresh salads, to eat in or take out. During traditional feasts the windows are filled with typical sweets of the Venetian history: panettone (Christmas cake), flat cakes, San Martini (cookies that represent St. Martin), frittelle and galani (made only during Carnival season), chocolate Easter eggs and Colombe.