Vianello Giovanni upholstery

Ruga Do Pozzi, Cannaregio 4165/A, Venezia


+39 041 5204105


The activity of Giovanni Vianello's company is the result of three generations of traditional upholstering and interior design. The production of Tappezzeria Vianello is addressed to individuals who want to furnish their home elegantly, as well as to those who possess antique furniture they wish to restore to its original beauty. The company also prepares museums and theatres, and furnishes churches and hotels. Its clients include the hotel Luna Baglioni, the Theatre La Fenice, the Academia Galleries, the Patriarchate of Venice and Saint Mark's Basilica.

Among the activities of the Vianello upholstery are: maintenance of curtains for offices and hotels; supply and maintenance of awnings for outdoor use; production of customized sofas and curtains of any kind; installation of fabrics in tension on walls.

Vianello’s upholstery is addressed mainly to the private market. It operates at a local level and maintains the tradition of craftsmanship in the quality and care of his work.