Barettoni Artistic Ceramics

Via Molini, 3

36055 Nove (VI)




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The first known document that speaks of Antonibon as a ceramist dates September 3rd, 1685. In this document the Venetian Senate establishes the ownership of mills for him and two other partners "to pound stones and grind colours for pots".

Around forty years later, the son of this man, Giovan Battista, at the paternal mansion in Nove, began a dynasty of potters that developed and maintained a production of great value, so much so that in 1732 the Venetian Republic awarded the family important privileges. Later on the factory was awarded with numerous international awards.

In 1907 the factory became the property of Lodovico Barettoni, a lawyer from Schio, who was succeeded by his son Guglielmo, a chemical engineer, and later by his grand-child Lodovico, who, together with his family, now owns the property.

With the assistance of young and talented artists and the strength of a great tradition, the factory has been renewed with vitality and originality. Great care goes into the search for harmonic colours and shapes in the exquisite objects created, of which nature is the primary source of inspiration as well as the timeless Antonibon models.