Fabris Villa

Via Trieste, 43

36016 Thiene VI




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Established in 1976 thanks to an initiative of the Council of Europe, the European Centre for Heritage Crafts and Professions is an organization dedicated to safeguard, promotion and development of cultural heritage through vocational training.

Since the very beginning, its goal was to promote a culture of conservation and restoration, the knowledge of ancient crafts and the preservation of cultural heritage through the training of well prepared and aware operators.

Since 2008, the Centre has carried out its activity in the 18th century architectural complex of Villa Fabris, included in a large park in the historic city centre of Thiene, in the province of Vicenza. It is managed by the Villa Fabris Foundation, founded by Confartigianato Vicenza, the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts of Vicenza, the Ce.S.Ar (Centro Sviluppo Artigianato - Craft Development Centre) and the Municipalities of Schio and Thiene.

The Foundation has always invested in technologically advanced instruments. For this reason the Centre is a meeting place for debates around ideas, methods, technology and objects. The Centre is therefore a recognized international reference point on heritage preservation and on the application of traditional and experimental restoration methods.