Handicraft Laboratory of Poloniato Diego

Via Astronauti, 3

36055 Nove (VI)




+39 0424 592422 (laboratorio)




Cocks and cockerels, hussars on horseback, clowns and dolls, Pinocchios and animals: these are the images behind the art of Diego Poloniato. It is in these forms that he can fully express himself in the production of artistic pottery. These figures, modelled by his skilful hands, become 'cuchi' (traditional ceramic whistles): popular, unique and magical items that stimulate the imagination and dissolve the drowsiness of contemporary civilization: all this happens with the sound of the song of the cuckoo.

In order to fully understand the work of this artist it is necessary to study the various aspects of the history of these unusual objects, that have become the protagonists of the art of this young ceramist. From them he has drawn peculiar symbols, ethnographic and anthropological elements that form the basis of his inspiration.