La Bottega del Tornio (The Potter's Wheel Workshop)

Via Milano, 10
36063 Marostica (VI)


+39 0424 470920


+39 0424 470920


La Bottega del Tornio began its business at the end of the seventies, as a natural development of the previous experience of Nico Toniolo at the laboratory of Alessio Tasca. The name comes from the technique used to create a wide range of objects: the traditional potter's wheel. Over the past decade, all the objects made have been the result of continuous research, experimentation and reinterpretation of the Raku technique. The objects created by Bottega del Tornio are handcrafted and are decorated with enamels created specifically within the same laboratory in order to obtain the effects, the colours and iridescences that characterize the collections. The application of the experience gained within a systematic and serial method can control all elements to the point that optimal results can be achieved, even for the production of both unique pieces of larger size and smaller objects, with elevated standards of reproducibility. The collections are addressed to the local market through the presentation in the showroom in Marostica, as well as to national and international markets through selected retailers and distributors. Alongside its production, the laboratory devotes its resources to the promotion of ceramic art.