Poli Distillery

Via Marconi 46

36060 Schiavon VI




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Poli is an artisan distillery founded in 1898 by GioBatta Poli.

For over a century, the Poli family has pursued one goal: to gain appreciation and understanding for the hard work, tenacity and above all the passion which are packed into a distillate. A passion for their world and their mastery, a passion without which no result could ever be possible.

We invite you to discover the 5+1 reasons to visit our distillery and find out the history of a family that has been living in the same place for the last 600 years.

The Poli distillery is located in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renewed region for the production of grappa. Our Grappa is made from the marc of grapes coming from Veneto foothills (Pedemontana), an extraordinary natural amphitheatre that from the Dolomiti Alps extends towards Venice.

We invite you to discover the 5+1 reasons to visit our land, where for millennia art and craftsmanship, knowledge and savour, man and nature have been living together.