Alpago: a valley of nature and creation

The Alpago valley, located in the south-east of the province of Belluno, beside the province of Treviso, includes the municipalities of Chies d’Alpago, Pieve d’Alpago, Farra d’Alpago, Puos d’Alpago and Tambre. The landscape and sites in this area are worth a visit: the lake, the mountains, and the forest of the Dogi, so rich in history. The territory offers many sport activities ranging from trekking to golf (golf course at Pian Cansiglio), from sailing to biking, from ski mountaineering to horseback riding. It is easy to reach either from Belluno (passing by Ponte nelle Alpi) or from the Po valley (across the saddle of Fadalto).

If arriving to Alpago from the north, i.e. from Ponte nelle Alpi, at La Secca exit the Statale 51 di Alemagna by turning left. A few hundred meters past this junction, the Pasticceria Gaggion is worth a stop.

The road runs along Lake Santa Croce. At Farra d’Alpago you can enjoy a pleasant stay on the beach by the lake, go for a swim and especially wind surf or kite surf.

Here, in the Al Lago street, you can buy wooden souvenirs made by Padovan Luigi. His art is made from the wood of the forest of the Dogi, that is around ten kilometres away and can be visited afterwards continuing the sightseeing. To the same destination one can arrive - coming from the south - by taking the road along the lake once in Fadalto. Starting from Farra d’Alpago, the road that quickly ascends to Valdinogher leads to the Casa dell’Alchimista (House of the Alchemist) and to a breathtaking view of the lake below and the entire valley. A few kilometres beyond you can reach Spert, in the territory of Farra d’Alpago.

From there, a short deviation leads to the Cansiglio, from where it is possible to continue down towards the Po valley (Vittorio Veneto or Sacile).

From Spert you can reach Tambre, where you can enjoy an enchanting view of Alpago, Valbelluna and the surrounding mountains, that are appealing for ski mountaineering in winter and hiking in summer.

A visit to the Museum of Military History in Tambre is recommended. .

The itinerary then descends to Lake Santa Croce, by following the directions to Puos d’Alpago and diverting along the way to Chies d’Alpago, for a visit to the Museum of Natural History of Alpago.

Points of interest

Gaggion is an historical pastry shop in Puos d'Alpago; ever since its establishment it has been dedicated to the quality of...

The firm, established in 1959, took over the business of the current owner's grand-father, who began as a carpenter in 1929 in Farra d’Alpago.

The museum is located in a historical gothic style building in Valdenogher (Tambre). ...

The Museum of Natural History, conceived 25 years ago by Ivan Fossa, passionate naturalist from Puos d'Alpago, is located in the former elementary school o...