Vicenza, Palladio’s laboratory

The territory of the province of Vicenza includes a diverse variety of landscapes, that stretch from the Po valley, to the small Dolomites and embrace lakes, foothills and highlands. The only thing missing in Vicenza is the sea, but it nonetheless has many charming features. In this province Andrea Palladio, the world famous architect, stonemason and artisan of the Renaissance, dwelt and built his most important works. The Villas he conceived are present in different parts of the province and his buildings make the city of Vicenza an open-air architecture museum.

This tour will lead you to discover Palladio's works and the landscape of Vicenza, with visits to painting exhibitions and to goldsmith's and craftsmen workshops in the town, which are the real distinctive features of the city.





The first part of the morning is dedicated to a guided tour of the famous Villa Capra La Rotonda, the symbol of Palladio’s art. Afterwards, a visit to some goldsmith workshops of Vicenza's historic city centre is recommended, in order to admire the art and tradition of working with gold, that was already in vogue at the time of Palladio.


Lunch will be held at a restaurant in town, near the historic buildings, with a tasting menu of products and dishes from Vicenza.


In the early afternoon, visit to the Palladian Basilica, another outstanding work by Palladio. In the second part of the afternoon visit to the famous Teatro Olimpico and free time for walking and shopping along Corso Palladio.



Points of interest

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